Plenary Sessions

Monday, November 14, 2011 - 14:30-16:00hrs

Beyond ‘Ethical’ Financial Services: Developing a Seal of Excellence for Poverty Outreach and Transformation in Microfinance
Abstract Paper
Chair: Manuel Méndez del Río Piovich, President, Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA, Spain
Author: Frances Sinha, Director, EDA Rural Systems, India
Panelists: Isabel Cruz hernandez, President, Foro Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Finanzas Rurales (FOROLACFR), Mexico
  Anne Hastings, CEO, Fonkoze Financial Services, Haiti
  Christopher Dunford, Senior Research Fellow, Freedom from Hunger, USA
  John de Wit, Managing Director, The Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF), South Africa

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 9:00-10:30hrs

Challenges to the Field and Solutions: Over-Indebtedness, Client Drop-Outs, Unethical Collection Practices, Exorbitant Interest Rates, Mission Drift, Poor Governance Structures and More
Abstract Exeutive Summary
Chair: Shari Berenbach, Director of Microenterprise Development, USAID, USA
Author: Anton Simanowitz, Founder, Imp-Act Consortium, United Kingdom
Panelist: Tilman Ehrbeck, CEO, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), USA
  Wolday Amha, Director, AEMFI, Ethiopia
  Roshaneh Zafar, Managing Director, Kashf Foundation, Pakistan
  Fabiola Céspedes Quiroga, Social Performance Coordinator, FOROLACFR, Bolivia

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 14:00-15:30hrs

Social Business and Microfinance: Building Partnerships with Corporations and Other Entities To Speed the End of Poverty
Chair: Dª Soraya Rodríguez Ramos, Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación, Spain
Author: Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Founder, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh
Panelists: Franck Riboud, Chairman & CEO, Groupe Danone, France
  Dr. Albert López Martínez, General Director, Microbank, Spain

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 9:00-10:30hrs

A Guided Inquiry and Discussion: Where Do You Want the Field to Be in 10 Years or More and What Could You or Your Institution Do to Get Us There?
Author: Dave Ellis, President, The Brande Foundation, USA

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 14:00-15:30hrs

Presentation of Institutional Action Plans (IAP)
Panelists: Sir Fazle Abed, Founder, BRAC, Bangladesh
  Gauthier Dieudonne, Director, CLM/ Ti-kredi Program, Fonkoze Financial Services, Haiti

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 16:00-17:30hrs

Using Microfinance Plus Agricultural Services to Improve Rural Livelihoods and Food Security
Authors: Shameran Abed (Presenter), Program Head for Microfinance, BRAC, Bangladesh
  Susan Davis, President & CEO, BRAC USA, USA
  Dr. Mahabub Hossain, Executive Director, BRAC and BRAC International, Bangladesh
  Rod Dubitsky, Executive Vice President, PIMCO Advisory Group, USA
Panelist: Claudio González Vega, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University, USA
** This title will be presented in conjunction with **
Towards Reinventing Microfinance through Solving the “Last Mile Problem”: Bringing Clean Energy Solutions and Actionable Information to the Poor
Author: Alex Counts, President & CEO, Grameen Foundation, USA
Chair: Ranya Abdel-Baki, Executive Director, Sanabel - The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries, Egypt
Panelists: Prakash Bakshi, Chairman, National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), India
  Nicola Armacost, Managing Director and Co-founder, ARC Finance, USA